Syncable Rock Light controllers

Right up front, I want to say that I really like our Rock Light controllers.  They can handle a lot of amps which translates into being able to cope with crazy runs of harness and lots of large LEDs.   One of the best things about the controllers we use is the features the bluetooth app offers.  One of the worst things about the controllers is also the bluetooth app it uses.   We get very few problems out of these controllers, but when we do it's usually related to the app.   Here's the two main problems we've run across.

1.  Your phone doesn't want to find the controller.    If this ever happens click the search button in the top right corner and the popup showing the available bluetooth controllers will open.  Hold down on the list of controllers and tap clear when the option is giving.  Once you've cleared the list you can search again.  This second search will normally allow you to connect to your controller.

2.  Rock Lights just flash on and go off.  This is one that we've run into several times and can't seem to explain the problem well enough.  Whether the rock lights are on a switch or just unhooked and you put power to them, all they do is flash and go off.  It's because the controller itself is turned off.  The controllers internal On/Off switch is a circuit, not a manual switch.  When you first put power to the controller, it takes a second for the circuit to "realize" and turn the lights off.  Think of this off switch as a solenoid or a relay that needs power to work.  The way to fix this is to connect to the controller, using the bluetooth app on your phone, and tap the On/Off button at the top right of the screen.   This turns the controller itself on.  It may sound crazy but it happens.  If your lights were working and you flip a toggle switch to turn them off and then they just flash when you flip the toggle switch back on... it's understandable to think they're broke.  Guys if your rock lights ever just flash and go off... please try turning them on in the app.