Eclipse Whip

Redneck Whips

$ 67.00

Our Eclipse Whips are the same as our Shiner whips, but with a black background instead of white.   They still use the brightest LED's available!  Our Shiner and Eclipse whips come with a spring and mounting bolt, for one less thing you have to worry about.  If you want a quality whip that won't break the bank.... this is your whip!  They are available with either an inline 3 button manual controller or a 10 button RF remote control.  Both offer 15 different colors and several modes that will flash and fade a preset color or through several different colors with the option of speeding up or slowing down the pattern.  You'll get a 8' "sync" harness, when ordered as a pair, so both whips work together using one controller.  No more worries about your whips staying synced!  Replacement and optional Wi-Fi and Bluetooth controllers are available in our Controller section.  If the whips will be mounted more than 6' apart, or you need more length for routing the harness, extensions are available HERE.    Mounts not included.   

Sync Kits can be used to "sync" our whips to other Shinner series lights and our "Syncable" Rock Lights.

We recommend using dielectric grease in all plugs.

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