Shiner Stick

Redneck Whips

$ 30.00

Redneck Whip's "Shiner Stick" is made the same as our waterproof Ice Chest Shiner, but with a 2ft harness and plug similar to our Whips.  In your choice of either the white "Shiner" or black "Eclipse" shiner.  The 15" Stick has approximately 48 LEDs that's great for back lighting behind a grill or as an interior light.  Just like the rest of our Shiners it can be set to one of 15 different static colors, strobe and fade through several preset color displays, or sync to our other Shiner/ Eclipse lights.  For controllers you have the choice of either a manual inline controller or a 10 button RF remote.   Additional harness lengths are available in Accessories.

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