Redneck Whips

$ 125.00

Our Tornado whips have a diameter of OVER 1 inch!  That gives a huge spiral pattern using our bright 50/50 LEDs!  We use a tough impact resistant tube that allows us to build large diameter whips, and still keep them light at the same time.  They come standard with a 300 mode RF remote control (that we pair together when we bench test before shipping), quick connect aluminum mount, spring, and mounting bolt.  When ordered as a pair they also include a 8' sync harness.  You just need to run 12 volt power and ground to the controller using a switch you supply.  We have optional and replacement controllers in the Controller section, and additional harness in the Accessories section.

Cannot be sync'd to our other LEDs.

All of our whips use the MAXIMUM number of 12v LEDs.   We don't offer one version with X number of leds and then another with X many more.  Remember that when comparing prices.

**** We recommend using a switch to disconnect power to all LED controllers.

**** Dielectric grease should be used in all plugs.

LEDs are dimmed in pictures for better clarity.

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